General Merchandise Retailers Face Pressure From All Sides

As a company that caters to General Merchandise retailers, we understand you face strong competition from speciality stores, category specialists and even online retailers. 

On top of that is the need to meet the demands of customers who expect more from you than in the past. You’re expected to carry a large and broad range that is deep enough to cater to all of their specific needs. 

Then there is the overall customer experience that you need to get right to entice shoppers to continue shopping your store. 

DotActiv’s software and services will help you create powerful data-driven assortments, and space and floor plans that entice shoppers to visit and keep returning to your stores.













Shoprite Chose DotActiv

Africa’s largest supermarket retailer, Shoprite operates more than 2900 outlets in 15 countries across the African continent.

First established in 1979, the food, clothing and general merchandise retailer built itself on the promise of offering a variety of quality products at lower prices. It’s a promise it continues to keep today

If a retailer as large and as significant as Shoprite can choose DotActiv to provide it with a category management solution, you can be confident in the fact that we can meet and exceed your expectations too.








0_o0-6o1W1DKmI5LbXAmerica’s Leading Category Management Provider

At DotActiv, we pride ourselves on providing American General Merchandise retailers with high-quality category management software and services that enhance performance.

To keep up with the pressure from speciality stores, category specialists and eCommerce, you need to give your customers an excellent in-store experience. Learn about our professional category management services here or explore our software editions below.