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Darren Gilbert

Darren Gilbert

With over 10 years of writing and marketing experience, Darren joined DotActiv in 2017 as a content writer where he was responsible for producing blogs, Ebooks and more. He has since worked himself up to the role of content manager, where he oversees all and any content produced by the company.

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Here’s What Suppliers Can Do With Syndicated Data

By | on 10, Aug 2018 |   Retail Data Suppliers

If you work in the retail industry, you will have no doubt heard of syndicated data. Also known as market data, it’s crucial to your success. That’s because of what you can achieve with it. From a ret[...]

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6 Things That Damage In-Store Retail Spending

By | on 06, Aug 2018 |   Retail Sales

Finding ways to encourage shoppers to increase their retail spending in your store goes a long way toward helping you meet your sales goals. That much is obvious. However, it’s not a given that you wi[...]

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3 Must Implement Cross Selling Strategies For Your Stores

By | on 31, Jul 2018 |   Retail Sales

Regardless of what you attempt in your retail business, you should always be strategic. Want to maximise your sales? Then you need to think strategically. Likewise, if you want to cater to your custom[...]

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A Supplier’s Guide to Customer-Facing Staff Training

By | on 27, Jul 2018 |   Retail Training Suppliers

We cannot reiterate this enough: continuous staff training is an absolute must. That’s if you want to remain both competitive and relevant within the retail industry. Of course, while we’ve referenced[...]

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A Retailer’s Guide to Successful Staff Training

By | on 25, Jul 2018 |   Retail Training

If you want to see long-term success in your retail business, it's not enough for only you to know how to improve it. That's because business involves more than one person. If you want to progress, yo[...]

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How DotActiv Software Incorporates Syndicated Data

By | on 24, Jul 2018 |   Category Management Retail Data

When it comes to conversations about the influence of syndicated data on the retail industry, it’s common enough to hear about its importance. But that conversation quickly grows stale. A better debat[...]

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How Syndicated Data Impacts Category Management

By | on 23, Jul 2018 |   Category Management Retail Data

It goes without saying that data is crucial for your retail business. In fact, that’s an understatement. Conduct research online or speak to anyone within the retail industry, and you’ll find it refer[...]

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Here’s How Small Suppliers Get More Retail Space For Their Products

By | on 20, Jul 2018 |   Suppliers Retail Sales

When you start listing products with a retailer, you’ll no doubt begin with limited retail space. This initial allocation depends as much on your negotiation skills as a small supplier, as it does on [...]

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5 Retail Sales Skills Your Floor Staff Need to Have

By | on 17, Jul 2018 |   Retail Training

If you want to remain relevant as a retail business, you need to scrutinise the retail sales skills level of your floor staff. Of course, that much should be obvious. By assessing their competency, yo[...]

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3 Different Upselling Techniques To Try In-Store Today

By | on 11, Jul 2018 |   Customer Service Retail Sales

If you had to explain why you’re in the retail business, you’d likely come up with at least two reasons: to delight customers and make money. But how? You have many options available to you. Implement[...]

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