Drive Category Performance and Improve In-Store Experiences with DotActiv Software.

We'll provide you with the toolset you need to create data-driven assortments, planograms and floorplans.







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At DotActiv, we pride ourselves on providing the American retail market with high-quality category management software and services that enhance performance.

With customers such as Handy Mart, Hughes Supply, Lea Foods Inc, Polar Beverages and more, we’re making it possible for American retailers and suppliers to take their in-store experience to the next level.

If you’re looking to develop data-driven product assortments and store layouts, we have the software and services you need. Learn about our professional category management services here or explore our software editions below.












How can we help your Business?

  • We're specialists in category management, and we develop world leading software. What's important is not that we're specialists or that our software is superior but rather that it's our purpose to equip you and your team to become capable specialists too. Here's what we can help you achieve:

    Assortment Optimisation - reduce excess inventory holding and improve stock turnover and profitability by creating localised product assortments. 

    Planogram Automation - increase category performance and improve shopping experiences by creating data-driven product layouts.

    Floor Space Planning - increase basket sizes and reduce unwanted shopper traffic hotspots during peak trading hours with data-driven floor plans.  

    Retail Analytics - uncover opportunities in your retail data by creating custom data visualisations and dashboards.




DotActiv Software is Available in Four Powerful Editions



DotActiv Free is completely free and always will be. It's limited to 40 products on a single drop, features planogram automation, retail analytics and complimentary support but excludes certifications.



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DotActiv Lite is data-driven planogram software without the product count and fixture limits. This package is perfect for beginners. Paid license holders get access to DotActiv Software Mastery Certifications.

$770 /yr


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DotActiv Pro is planogram software without the fixture and product limits. It is great for those who want an integrated database. Paid license holders get access to DotActiv Software Mastery Certifications.

$1899 /yr


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DotActiv Enterprise is all-in-one category management software complete with integration, planogram automation, assortment planning, floor planning, retail analytics and software certifications.

$4199 /yr


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Introducing Activ8 - Team Management Software For Retail

Activ8 is team management software for retail. Use this powerful cloud based software to drive a culture of transparency and accountability so that work gets done every time and on time.



SMME Retailers

Our smallest customer needed to plan their product layouts for their very first store opening. Their planogram roll out and store opening was a success because we provided the personalised service and specialised software they needed at a rate they could afford. We aren't just here for the large retail brands.

Large Retailers

As a large retailer your challenges are unique and sometimes they are complex which is why we tailor our packages to match your needs. Our scalable integrated category management software and specialised services enable large retailers to achieve their inventory and space optimisation goals.


Suppliers who help their retail customers improve category performance through planograms gain influence over the shelf positioning and space allocation for their products We offer a comprehensive mix of software, training, support and services to make this possible. 


Food Lover's Market Oils Category Case Study


Food Lovers Market Case Study



Ultra Liquors Corlett Drive Case Study


Ultra Liquors Case Study-2