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Services Spotlight: Category-Based Cluster Development For a Shopper-Centric Approach

By | on 11, Aug 2020 |   Category Management Services

Store clustering, often also referred to as ‘store grouping’, is a way of grouping stores based on similarities, such as LSM, size and demographics. As for a clustering strategy, we stores should impl[...]

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Services Spotlight: Tactical Assortment Planning Services For Optimal Category Performance

By | on 06, Aug 2020 |   Category Management Services

Consumer demand is continuously changing as a result of consumer trends, changes in seasons, consumers becoming more knowledgeable, and unforeseen occurrences such as the global COVID-19 pandemic. To [...]

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Service Spotlight: Data-Driven Planograms Enhance Store Performance

By | on 04, Aug 2020 |   Category Management Services

Planograms play an intricate and central role within the category management process. Once your data has been captured, processed and stored, the next step is to use this data to determine your store [...]

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Service Spotlight: Effective Database Management And Its Impact on Your Category Management Efforts

By | on 30, Jul 2020 |   Category Management Services

Data is an essential component of the category management process. Once data has been captured and processed it needs to be stored where it is easily accessible. The best way to do this is through a d[...]

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Services Spotlight: Data Capture and Processing For a Solid Category Management Foundation

By | on 29, Jul 2020 |   Category Management Services

DotActiv is a Services-first company, powered by leading software, proprietary processes and talented people. Clients enjoy our various category management services because we utilise deep expertise, [...]

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Haggling Is Not Negotiating

By | on 27, Jan 2020 |   Suppliers Category Management Services

You’ve read that headline and are now in one of three camps. You are either asking yourself: Who is this idiot? You might be confused. Did I really say that? Or you asking what is the difference. Let [...]

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Retail Advisory Services: Here's How It Helps Make Your Vision a Reality

By | on 07, Aug 2019 |   Category Management Services

Having access to expert retail advisory services at the right time can mean the difference between setting plans and strategies in place - resulting in sustained competitive advantage - or, on the oth[...]

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What To Expect From DotActiv’s Business Intelligence Services

By | on 05, Aug 2019 |   Category Management Services

Here’s a question that needs answering: how do you make smart decisions around your retail business? Also, what can you do to ensure you meet the needs of your customers head-on? Fortunately, the answ[...]

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