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Haggling Is Not Negotiating

By | on 27, Jan 2020 |   Suppliers Category Management Services

You’ve read that headline and are now in one of three camps. You are either asking yourself: Who is this idiot? You might be confused. Did I really say that? Or you asking what is the difference. Let [...]

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Retail Advisory Services: Here's How It Helps Make Your Vision a Reality

By | on 07, Aug 2019 |   Category Management Services

Having access to expert retail advisory services at the right time can mean the difference between setting plans and strategies in place - resulting in sustained competitive advantage - or, on the oth[...]

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What To Expect From DotActiv’s Business Intelligence Services

By | on 05, Aug 2019 |   Category Management Services

Here’s a question that needs answering: how do you make smart decisions around your retail business? Also, what can you do to ensure you meet the needs of your customers head-on? Fortunately, the answ[...]

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