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DotActiv Team Jan 18, 2023 10:44:16 AM 6 min read

6 Practical And Financial Benefits Of Category Management

If you work in retail, you’ve likely come across the argument that investing in a ...
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Darren Gilbert Oct 18, 2022 5:02:40 PM 10 min read

5 Critical Factors to Consider For Category Planning

For all the talk about how to find retail success, there is only one way to achieve it. ...
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DotActiv Team Oct 13, 2022 4:30:35 PM 6 min read

4 Ways to Prepare For Your Next Category Review

  The thought of a category review presentation* to a retail buyer can have you sweating ...
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DotActiv Team Oct 11, 2022 3:44:07 PM 10 min read

4 Category Management Tools You Need To Merchandise Like A Pro

  Effective merchandising* is about having a good product assortment on sale and ...
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Darren Gilbert Sep 27, 2022 5:24:21 PM 10 min read

Unpacking the 6-step Category Management Process

Category management is vital to consider if you work in the retail industry*. Why? When ...
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Darren Gilbert Aug 16, 2022 4:42:30 PM 9 min read

A Category Manager’s Guide To Creating A Winning Category Strategy

Do you want to win at retail? Then listen up: all you need to do is please your ...
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DotActiv Team Feb 11, 2022 3:45:00 PM 7 min read

4 Ways Category Management Can Help Improve The Shopper Experience

Category management plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your store. Why? ...
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DotActiv Team Jul 16, 2021 2:42:05 PM 8 min read

How Consumer Insights Influence Modern Day Category Management

If you want to cater to your customers, your first point of call would be to look at your ...
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Matthew Beadsworth May 26, 2021 2:28:52 PM 7 min read

A Well-Built Category Hierarchy Can Help Your Business. Here’s How:

Your success as a retailer hinges on doing many different things right. It's a delicate ...
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DotActiv Team Apr 28, 2021 5:00:43 PM 13 min read

Your Category Management Is Dead In The Water Without These Principles

Category management is the structured and collaborative process of managing product ...
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