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5 Demand Determinants That Influence Your Forecasting Efforts

By | on 16, Sep 2021 |   Inventory Management

In an economic system, there are a few recognised variables that influence demand and consumption. Practically speaking, you should never ignore the equilibrium of demand and consumption. That's becau[...]

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Why Just In Time Inventory Management Makes Business Sense

By | on 07, Sep 2021 |   Inventory Management

As a retail business, you know about the critical importance of efficient inventory management. One false move here and you could face problems such as overstocking or understocking your store. That l[...]

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4 Inventory Management Strategies To Implement Today

By | on 27, Aug 2021 |   Inventory Management

We've written about this before: inventory management is a critical concept that you need to grasp, no matter if you are a retailer or supplier. Fortunately, there are multiple avenues - inventory man[...]

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How To Combat Excess Inventory In Your Business Successfully

By | on 20, Aug 2021 |   Inventory Management

Here's a fact - having excess inventory in your business is never a good thing. It means something is wrong and you need to fix it. In reality, if you've worked in retail for long enough, you would ha[...]

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How to Use Sales and Units Data to Calculate Inventory Turn

By | on 18, Aug 2021 |   Inventory Management

It is a given that as a retailer, you would want to look for new ways to increase your sales and profits. Besides that, you need to manage your available space and find the balance between having too [...]

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6 Stock Replenishment Tips For New Retailers

By | on 28, Jul 2021 |   Inventory Management

Imagine this: a customer visits your store for a specific product. When they get to your store, they can’t find the product anywhere. Naturally, they try their luck and ask the sales assistant if ther[...]

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Why Effective Stock Management Relies On Data-driven Planograms

By | on 22, Jul 2021 |   Inventory Management

Effective stock management is a critical process for your business as it allows you to have the right products at the right time and in the right place. Fail to manage your inventory, and you will bea[...]

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Struggling with Dead Stock Or Expired Products? Here’s How To Fix It

By | on 29, Jun 2021 |   Inventory Management

The retail industry is a dynamic and constantly changing entity. Due to continuous changes in consumer demand, you can expect your sales to fluctuate. You can also expect to suffer from dead stock if [...]

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Demand Planning vs Demand Forecasting: Category Management Helps Both

By | on 21, May 2021 |   Inventory Management

There is a trick to meeting consumer demand while simultaneously allocating resources, balancing stock levels and maintaining a well-optimised warehouse. You can find it in a well-thought-out demand p[...]

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FIFO vs FEFO: Which Stock Rotation Method Suits You Best

By | on 17, Apr 2019 |   Inventory Management

As far as inventory management best practices go, stock rotation is right near the top. It’s alongside other methods such as product lifecycle management or employing a POS system that monitors what c[...]

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