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Siphesihle Ndlozi Jun 3, 2022 4:00:58 PM 14 min read

How Planograms Give Suppliers A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The competitive world of retail demands that you use innovative methods to optimise your ...
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Palesa Mnguni Jun 1, 2022 5:20:42 PM 14 min read

Why The Retailer-Supplier Relationship Is More Critical Than Before

Good, dependable partnerships are critical if you want to go far in the retail industry. ...
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Sanmari Roberts Feb 18, 2022 5:38:23 PM 15 min read

A Supplier's Guide To Improved Shelf Space Management

Managing the shelf space given to your products is a valuable skill. Of that, there is no ...
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Marizelle Van Eeden Jun 24, 2021 3:15:47 PM 13 min read

A Supplier’s Guide To Shelf Space Optimization

If you are a supplier worth their salt, you'll more than likely want to know how to ...
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DotActiv Team Mar 25, 2021 4:22:59 PM 14 min read

What Must New Suppliers Know To Get Their Products Listed?

It is one of the most stressful processes for an entrepreneur. When you create a product, ...
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Darren Gilbert Jan 21, 2021 5:23:50 PM 12 min read

How Suppliers Can Use Planograms to Increase Their Bargaining Power

Did you know that as a retail supplier, you can wield enormous influence over your ...
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Darren Gilbert Dec 6, 2018 10:31:41 AM 12 min read

Slotting Fees: What Suppliers Need to Know

Given that shelf space is a retailer's most prized asset, you’d expect them to guard it ...
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Darren Gilbert Sep 21, 2018 3:30:26 PM 10 min read

4 Key Elements For A Successful Field Marketing Strategy

In today’s retail environment, field marketing is an essential arrow in the quiver of any ...
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Darren Gilbert Sep 12, 2018 4:05:50 PM 13 min read

6 Negotiation Terms and Fees All Suppliers Should Know

It’s not difficult to sympathise with you if you’re a supplier attempting to negotiate ...
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Darren Gilbert Sep 7, 2018 4:07:35 PM 11 min read

A Supplier’s Guide to Product Training For Field Marketers

All retailers must provide their staff with suitable product training. Of that, there is ...
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