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A Supplier’s Guide To Shelf Space Optimization

By | on 24, Jun 2021 |   Planograms Suppliers

If you are a supplier worth their salt, you'll more than likely want to know how to optimize the shelf space given to you. That makes you the type of supplier that a retailer wants to work with regula[...]

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What Must New Suppliers Know To Get Their Products Listed?

By | on 25, Mar 2021 |   Suppliers SKUs

It is one of the most stressful processes for an entrepreneur. When you create a product, you’d do well to target the smaller local retailers to get your products listed. By doing so, you can use this[...]

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How Suppliers Can Use Planograms to Increase Their Bargaining Power

By | on 21, Jan 2021 |   Planograms Suppliers

Did you know that as a retail supplier, you can wield enormous influence over your clients? Maybe even more than you know. What's more, you can increase your bargaining power as you cultivate your wor[...]

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How DotActiv Can Assist Suppliers With Sustainable Retailing Post-COVID-19

By | on 19, Nov 2020 |   Suppliers Sustainable Retailing

In April 2020, interest in the topic “How to live a sustainable lifestyle” increased with more than 4500% in Google searches. This emphasised the interest shown by people wanting to consume more susta[...]

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Haggling Is Not Negotiating

By | on 27, Jan 2020 |   Suppliers Category Management Services

You’ve read that headline and are now in one of three camps. You are either asking yourself: Who is this idiot? You might be confused. Did I really say that? Or you asking what is the difference. Let [...]

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Slotting Fees: What Suppliers Need to Know

By | on 06, Dec 2018 |   Store Management Suppliers

Given that shelf space is a retailer's most prized asset, you’d expect them to guard it dearly. And rightly so. They're not going to offer you or any other supplier space unless it makes business sens[...]

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4 Key Elements For A Successful Field Marketing Strategy

By | on 21, Sep 2018 |   Field Marketing Suppliers

In today’s retail environment, field marketing is an essential arrow in the quiver of any supplier. Approach it correctly, and you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain. What’s more, the [...]

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6 Negotiation Terms and Fees All Suppliers Should Know

By | on 12, Sep 2018 |   Suppliers Retail Sales

It’s not difficult to sympathise with you if you’re a supplier attempting to negotiation shelf space for your products. After all, like other suppliers, you’ll often find yourself up against experienc[...]

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A Supplier’s Guide to Product Training For Field Marketers

By | on 07, Sep 2018 |   Field Marketing Retail Training Suppliers

All retailers must provide their staff with suitable product training. Of that, there is no doubt. However, if you glance at the average supply chain, you’ll know that retailers aren’t independent. Th[...]

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How To Improve Your Promotional Planning Efforts

By | on 29, Aug 2018 |   Suppliers Retail Sales

There is never a time when it’s not worth placing a promotion in-store. All shoppers love them. However, no matter if you’re the retailer hosting them or the supplier offering the deal, you must plan [...]

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