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Darren GilbertFeb 13, 2024 5:45:00 PM12 min read

Optimizing Retail Floor Plans: A Guide to Aesthetic Functionality

Let’s get one thing straight: an optimized retail floor plan is more than a ...
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Darren GilbertFeb 9, 2024 2:00:00 PM12 min read

Overcome Data Hurdles: Effective Retail Assortment Planning Strategies

In retail assortment planning, data serves as the compass guiding informed inventory ...
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Darren GilbertFeb 7, 2024 5:00:00 PM11 min read

Retail Clustering Customization: Mastering Personalization At Scale

Personalization at scale is a complex challenge. However, retailers can't avoid it. At ...
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Rina OosthuizenFeb 1, 2024 11:00:00 AM3 min read

PowerBase Updates For January 2024: What’s Updated

Welcome to our combined December and January monthly PowerBase summary! As we kick off ...
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Darren GilbertJan 30, 2024 5:15:00 PM11 min read

Retail Space Optimization: Balance Brand Consistency and Local Appeal

Let’s be honest: strategic store layouts are pivotal to any retail space optimization ...
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Liza BrookeJan 26, 2024 3:00:00 PM8 min read

Visual Merchandising Trends: Elevating In-Store Shopping Experiences

Visual merchandising is nothing new. However, it has evolved significantly throughout the ...
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Darren GilbertJan 24, 2024 5:30:00 PM11 min read

Maximizing Impact: Retail Merchandising Strategies For Big-Box Stores

Considering the competitive realm of big-box retail, effective retail merchandising ...
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Darren GilbertDec 11, 2023 4:30:00 PM11 min read

Enhance Shopper Navigation: Planogram Oversights in Medium Retail

Helping customers to navigate a store easily is just as critical for retailers as the ...
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Darren GilbertDec 8, 2023 11:30:00 AM11 min read

Crafting Perfect Product Journeys: Planogram Insights for Small Retail

There is no way around this fact. Small retailers must craft the best possible journey ...
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Darren GilbertDec 1, 2023 2:00:00 PM11 min read

Maximizing Retail Efficiency: How DotActiv Transforms Space Management

Considering the competitive nature of retail, operational efficiency is critical. In ...
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