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Rina OosthuizenSep 7, 2021 5:06:58 PM7 min read

Why Just In Time Inventory Management Makes Business Sense

As a retail business, you know about the critical importance of efficient inventory ...
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DotActiv TeamAug 27, 2021 10:30:00 AM8 min read

4 Inventory Management Strategies To Implement Today

We've written about this before: inventory management is a critical concept that you need ...
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DotActiv TeamAug 20, 2021 2:49:48 PM7 min read

How To Combat Excess Inventory In Your Business Successfully

Here's a fact - having excess inventory in your business is never a good thing. It means ...
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DotActiv TeamAug 18, 2021 3:28:48 PM7 min read

How to Use Sales and Units Data to Calculate Inventory Turn

It is a given that as a retailer, you would want to look for new ways to increase your ...
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DotActiv TeamJul 22, 2021 4:40:49 PM8 min read

Why Effective Stock Management Relies On Data-driven Planograms

Effective stock management is a critical process for your business as it allows you to ...
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DotActiv TeamJun 29, 2021 5:04:05 PM9 min read

Struggling with Dead Stock Or Expired Products? Here’s How To Fix It

The retail industry is a dynamic and constantly changing entity. Due to continuous ...
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DotActiv TeamMay 21, 2021 5:33:18 PM8 min read

Demand Planning vs Demand Forecasting: Category Management Helps Both

There is a trick to meeting consumer demand while simultaneously allocating resources, ...
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DotActiv TeamApr 17, 2019 5:00:00 PM6 min read

FIFO vs FEFO: Which Stock Rotation Method Suits You Best

As far as inventory management best practices go, stock rotation is right near the top. ...
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DotActiv TeamNov 9, 2018 4:15:59 PM4 min read

A Beginner’s Guide to Cycle Stock

Deciding on the amount of inventory to carry to meet customer demand is not an easy task. ...
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DotActiv TeamNov 6, 2018 11:05:08 AM9 min read

How DotActiv Manages The Product Lifecycle

There are generally two distinct approaches you can take when managing the product ...
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