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Database vs Excel: Which Is Better For Category Management?

By | on 22, Oct 2019 |   Data Cubes

In a past article, we pitted data warehouses against databases to understand which was better for storing and retrieving data. The conclusion: it depends on your needs. If we were to do the same exerc[...]

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3 Ways Suppliers Can Get Access To Retail Sales Data

By | on 17, Oct 2019 |   Retail Data

What is the importance of retail sales data and why should you as a supplier have access to it? For one, it enables you to come up with better ways to provide valuable suggestions to retailers. Second[...]

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Data Warehouse vs Database: Understanding The Key Differences

By | on 14, Oct 2019 |   Data Cubes

When talk turns to the topic of storing and reporting on retail data, it’s common to hear debate about which data system is best. Of course, that’s the wrong approach. It’s not about which is best. In[...]

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Product Update: DotActiv is Now Compatible with PostgreSQL

By | on 10, Oct 2019 |   Space Planning Software PostgreSQL

DotActiv’s IT team is always hard at work improving and updating our software to provide you with the best possible experience. One of our most recent changes is that DotActiv Pro and Enterprise is no[...]

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10 Must-Dos To Inspire Change in Your Retail Business

By | on 09, Oct 2019 |   Team Management Software

Creating lasting change is more complicated than ever before. Business environments have become more diverse and initiating change is often perceived as being too complicated or costly. Change is impe[...]

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PowerBase Updates For September 2019: What’s New?

By | on 01, Oct 2019 |   Space Planning Software PowerBase

Since the launch of DotActiv’s category management knowledgebase - PowerBase last month - we’ve been hard at work adding new articles. We’ve also updated those articles already on the website for rele[...]

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Introducing PowerBase: DotActiv's Category Management Knowledgebase

By | on 20, Sep 2019 |   Space Planning Software PowerBase

According to Forrester Research, 70% of your customers prefer to use your website to find answers to questions about your products. This statistic alone support an argument for a company knowledge bas[...]

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Retail Akumyn From Australia Partners with DotActiv

By | on 18, Sep 2019 |   Press and Company News Partner Program

DotActiv’s partner program exists to ensure that we can best serve our customers from different markets around the world. Our partners provide pre-sales support to prospects wanting to find out more a[...]

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How DotActiv Measures Its Customer Success Management Efforts

By | on 09, Sep 2019 |   Category Management

It’s been proven - people don’t buy goods and services anymore. They buy relationships, stories and magic. In such an environment, getting customers to believe in your product as much as you do is key[...]

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The Ultimate Category Manager Job Description [Downloadable Template]

By | on 29, Aug 2019 |   Category Manager

A category manager aims to maximise profit in a retail category by providing the correct product assortment at the right time. This is achieved through data analysis. The correct product assortment an[...]



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