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Here’s How Category Management Benefits Your Business

By | on 15, Apr 2021 |   Category Management

If you work in retail, either as a retailer, or a supplier, you’re likely to have come across the argument that investing in a category management solution is good for business. Maybe it was a work co[...]

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5 Category Management Best Practices To Boost Your Retail Business

By | on 13, Apr 2021 |   Category Management

So you want to make sure that your business performs to its full potential and are exploring category management best practices to ensure that. Do you know what these best practices are? Do you know h[...]

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Merchandising Children's Apparel? This is What You Must Know

By | on 07, Apr 2021 |   Merchandising clothing retailers

Baby clothing and children's apparel is one of the fastest-growing categories in recent times and one that you can find in more retail stores each year. You only need to consider the research. Global [...]

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PowerBase Updates For March 2021: What’s New And Updated

By | on 01, Apr 2021 |   PowerBase

As we approach the second quarter of 2021, DotActiv is excited to announce a leadership update with the appointment of our new CEO. The company is determined more than ever to reach new heights. With [...]

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5 Must-Know Merchandising Principles For All General Merchandisers

By | on 31, Mar 2021 |   Merchandising General Merchandise Retailers

As a general merchandiser, your customers know you for having large, spacious stores and wide and deep assortments. You're known for providing your customers with a one-stop shopping experience. It's [...]

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What Must New Suppliers Know To Get Their Products Listed?

By | on 25, Mar 2021 |   Suppliers SKUs

It is one of the most stressful processes for an entrepreneur. When you create a product, you’d do well to target the smaller local retailers to get your products listed. By doing so, you can use this[...]

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A Pharmacy Retailer’s Guide to Improving Stock Control

By | on 23, Mar 2021 |   Planograms Pharmacy Retailers Stock Control

Have you ever noticed empty shelves in a pharmaceutical retailer and then instantly began wondering why there is no inventory available? Or even whether the pharmaceutical retailer might be going out [...]

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[Leadership Update] Appointment of New CEO, CFO & Changes to Our COO Portfolio

By | on 19, Mar 2021 |   Press and Company News

It’s no secret that one of the things which set us apart from our competitors is that we are not a cold and clinical corporate operation. Instead, we have taken our own non-conventional route: We are [...]

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How To Use Merchandising to Increase Sales for Your Retail Business

By | on 18, Mar 2021 |   Merchandising Retail Sales

Are you looking to increase sales in your brick and mortar store? Merchandising can have a positive impact on product sales when done effectively. The way in which items are placed strategically in yo[...]

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Your Category Hierarchy

By | on 16, Mar 2021 |   SKUs Category Hierarchy

Your category hierarchy plays a crucial role in your success as a retailer. If you don't spend enough time learning how best to present your products to your customers, you can, quite easily, find you[...]

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